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ATLE Board Looks to the Future

Posted on March 25, 2022

(Each year, the ATLE board meets for a day and a half for strategic planning and visioning the future of the association.  This year, the board met in-person on March 7/8.  This is a report of the work of the board.)

Welcome to spring 2022, ATLE (Alberta Technology Leaders in Education) members! I am reminded this morning of all the wonderful things that happen in the spring; the snow melts as the days get warmer, the days get longer and we get more sunshine, everything starts to bloom again, and your board has its annual Face to Face meeting. This year’s Face to Face was an in-person meeting, the first we have had in two years. We welcomed new members with a couple of fun team-building exercises; then we got right to work. 

Every year we try and evaluate where we are and where we want to get as your board.  Self-evaluation is always an interesting experience for me. As a board, opinion can vary on our performance from "we hit it out of the park" to "we tripped running to first base". This year's opinions were consistent; we all felt we have improved in most areas but still had room to get even better. 

Discussions we held considered what went well in 2021/22, what did not go so well, and what we learned from both. We discussed our vision for 2022/23 and the various projects we are working on such as; PIA, Cyber Security, Prolearn PD, and member growth.  

Finally, the board discussed how to take our visions to the next step. How do we turn those wonderful and powerful projects into strategic plans? Is there value in these projects to our stakeholders? All I can say for sure is stay tuned! Various committees are working hard to provide you with the best value possible and exciting things are on the horizon.  

I look forward to seeing everyone at ATLE’s Spring JTC in Edmonton, and be sure to keep October open for Convergence 2022. Stay safe everyone, and take time to smell the freshly blooming flowers. 

Barry Scheelar President ATLE 

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