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ATLE Discussion Platform (aka Yammer)

Posted on October 15, 2021

Are there questions that you would like to discuss with peers across the province?  How about some of the following?

  • Does anyone have a PIA for ...?
  • If you lend out Chromebooks to students for home use, what policies do you have for repair and return?
  • Anyone experiencing Data Plane CPU issues after making the recommended setting change? 
  •  I'm wondering which school divisions have had robotics competitions?  Can we discuss your experience?

The ATLE Discussion Platform, also known as Yammer, is a place where you can access the wisdom and experience of colleagues from across the province.  Just post your question and learn from the responses. The platform has three broad topic areas - technology, leadership, and education. 

If you would like to access the discussion platform, just fill out the form.  You will receive an invitation to join the ATLE Discussion Platform.  Follow the instructions to join the community.

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