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ATLE Book Club Launches in February!

Posted on January 21, 2022

Sign up now so you have time to read the first part of the book!

It’s time to launch the ATLE Book Club! We will be reading Dr. Kristen Mattson’s book, Ethics in a Digital World: Guiding Students Through Society’s Biggest Questions, (ISTE, 2021).

Why? In Dr. Kristen Mattson’s words, “We need thoughtful, empathetic digital citizens who can wrestle with the important ethical questions at the intersection of technology and humanity.”

What stands out in Ethics in a Digital World: Guiding Students Through Society’s Biggest Questions is Mattson’s rich, research-informed presentation of each topic through these lenses, presented in a conversational format, such an empathetic way to convey the voices that frame the complexity of digital evolution. For those who want to dive deeper, she also integrates QR-code links to further reading.We finish the book without simple answers, but instead bolstered with a ton of information, from research to related current events to talking points to practical classroom strategies that can help us help others better understand and navigate the compelling yet also competing forces within our digital spaces.This book practices a literacy that is incredibly timely, and so important societally. I hope you'll consider signing up and adding your voice to the conversation as we journey through Mattson’s book together!

What? Our first book, as voted in by participants in last month’s survey, will be Dr. Kristen Mattson’s book, Ethics in a Digital World: Guiding Students Through Society’s Biggest Questions, (ISTE, 2021), a book that examines huge questions associated with today’s digital topics (listed in the Table of Contents, here) through several lenses, each chapter grounded by the structure of Building Background Knowledge, Breaking Down the Arguments, and Curricular Connections. Sounds hard? It isn’t at all - it’s actually quite a quick read, by a writer with an engaging and conversational style!

Who? All interested ATLE members and non-members.

Where? Online via Zoom, links to be sent out along with questions to frame our chat one week ahead of each session.

When? 3:30-4:30 PM Alberta time, the “middle” (either second or third) Monday of each month, starting in February. Mark your calendars for February 14, March 14, April 11, May 16, June 13.

How? Synchronous meetups in Zoom; ongoing slow chat on Twitter. All are welcome to join this study. Whether or not you have expressed interest previously, please complete this form specific to this book study, which provides book information, adds you to the mailout list for Zoom links and meetup reminders closer to the meeting dates, and more.  In support of this new project, ATLE is providing seed money to purchase the book for each book club member.

See you in February! Questions or comments? Contact janet.bell@atle.ca .

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