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Farewell to Doug Dietz - Executive Director

Posted on July 28, 2022

For the last 12 years, ATLE has been run under the guidance of the only Executive Director we have ever known.  He has always been committed to ATLE growth and has been at the helm as we have grown into the organization you see today.  On May 24th, Doug Dietz announced his resignation, to take effect July 29th.   On behalf of the past and present ATLE board members, I would like to thank Doug for his tireless efforts managing to keep us on track.  I am sure sometimes it felt to him like he was trying to herd a bunch of cats.

I am about to end my term as board president and have appreciated the advice and leadership Doug has provided us.  He has been a driver behind the PIA project, has been a big part of our continued relationships with various partners such as TCEA and ISTE, and has been a big part of the success of the Convergence conference year after year.  

For those who have worked with him, they know that a 2:30am email alert usually meant Doug was hard at work.  He is a true night owl, tirelessly ensuring that the board is prepared for its monthly meetings. Doug has been a true IT in education leader by always wanting to ensure that there is balance of learning, leading and technology in all aspects of what ATLE does.  Student success is at the forefront of the direction he advocates for ATLE.

Doug has consistently provided extraordinary advice as ATLE embarked on many projects over the years of his tenure. He has always ensured that all aspects of any project are considered, and has been key in the success of each project, as well as keeping us from making big mistakes. Doug’s work with the Board, helping us understand our roles, and constantly learning how to be better, has resulted in a stellar organization, fully ready, and committed, to making a difference every day.

So, it is with great gratitude that I thank Doug for his years of service, immense pride in having the opportunity to work with him,  and with a little sadness that I say: "Good-bye, good luck, and safe journey as you move to the next chapter of your life".   Thank you for all your contributions to ATLE, Doug; you will be missed.

Barry Scheelar

ATLE President

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