Convergence Conference

Convergence 2021 Conference planning is well underway and we are once again looking for a wide variety of session for our diverse audience. 
The conference will be held virtually on December 8-10 and we hope you will be able to join us. Early bird registration deadline is October 15th.
While the conference will be taking place fully online, we are excited to announce that we have already begun preliminary plans for our return to Red Deer in person in October 2022!! 

Proposed PIA Project

The programs of two of the last three JTC Spring Symposia have included sessions on the challenges each school authority faces in addressing the expectation that software in use within the authority will be guided by PIA assessments.   Whether in these sessions or other discussions around the province, there are several questions which always emerge:

  • How can mid-size or smaller authorities dedicate resources to this endeavor?
  • Is there a way to develop a database which could be shared among authorities who might work collaboratively to address this challenge?
  • If every authority is doing their own work, aren't we just 're-inventing the wheel' multiple times?
  • Is it possible to develop a provincial strategy address the challenges of PIA assessments?
  • Is there "somebody" who would provide leadership in this strategy?

While there have been some attempts to develop collaborative projects, they have generally been stymied by the lack of adequate resources and a model for sustainability.  Recently, the board of ATLE established a committee to develop a model whereby a provincial strategy might be successful in assisting school authorities with the challenge of PIA assessment.  Based upon a report submitted to the board in June, the committee was authorized to move to the step of assessing interest and support from school authorities for development of a provincial strategy for PIA assessment.

The goals of the PIA Project are:
1) to provide a provincial approach to evaluating software as required by the FOIP Act that can be used by any authority.
2) to operate under a crowd sourcing model, with shareable access, under direction of an expert.
3) to develop PIAs for the most commonly used software.
4) to provide means to build capacity of school authorities.
5) to provide a project with inherent sustainability.

Would individuals within your school authority like more information about this project?  Mark your calendar for an online meeting on Wednesday, October 13, 1:30 PM.  In order to complete planning for the meeting and to communicate details with those planning to attend, please indicate your intention to attend on the response form identified below.

PIA assessment and FOIPP issues often cross over from technical staff to staff in other departments within a school authority.  We will be sharing information on this project in a variety of ways but you can help get the word out.  Please share this information with your colleagues.

Notice of Intention to Attend the Information Session

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