In addition to an outstanding conference program, there are three exciting pre-conference workshops which are available.  These sessions are standalone, requiring separate registration and, in one case, additional registration cost.  Even if you cannot attend the 

conference, we encourage you to register for a pre-conference workshop.  All workshops will be held on Tuesday, December 1.

1.  G Suite Technical Summit - Presented by Amplified IT.  For full description and registration information, please click here.  Please note registration costs are in USD.

2. Brainstorming New Services for Alberta's K-12 - Presented by Cybera.  For full description and registration information, please click here.  No cost but registration required.

3.  K-12 Education in a Post-Pandemic Era -  Facilitated by Catalyst.  Have you heard anyone say "It will be different" when talking about K-12 education after the pandemic is in the past.  But what is "it"?  Catalyst will facilitate a process whereby several scenarios are developed and then participants will determine technical, in-service and leadership requirements for success in each scenario. Thanks to the sponsorship of SMART, this workshop is free but registration will be limited. For this reason we are requesting you register so we can anticipate attendance. 



Catalyst Pre Conference - Planning in Uncertain Times

Be part of a cross functional group of school system stakeholders in this Catalyst Session™ that will engage you in authentic dialogue to co-construct a shared output that: Identifies scenarios of what the future may look like, considers what planning for it entails, and defines the supports needed if any of the scenarios materialize.

The pandemic has revealed how adaptable all levels of the school system have been when dealing with the variability presented. But what does the future look like due to the impact of the pandemic? How might we begin to plan for said future? As we try to navigate these unprecedented waters, it becomes clear that cross-functional perspectives are needed now more than ever as we innovate our way towards better ways of thinking and working.

We invite you to join other school system stakeholders in this Catalyst Session™ to engage you in authentic dialogue and to co-construct a shared output that will serve you, your school system and the education community at large.

Catalyst Sessions™ are happening all over the world, bringing together many stakeholders from the learning ecosystem to troubleshoot, share ideas and generate new responses to enduring challenges. These are not your typical sit-and-listen sessions. Catalyst Sessions™ are hands-on, participatory, and always output oriented.

During this 2.5hr workshop you will have multiple opportunities to share your perspective and gain insight from other workshop participants as you:

  • Co-define scenarios for what the future may look like
  • Begin conceptualizing what planning for each scenario looks like
  • Identify the supports needed if any of the scenarios materialize

Intended audience:

  • System leaders (Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Directors)
  • Technology Leaders (CIO, Directors, IT Managers)
  • Curriculum and Instruction Leaders and Consultants
  • School level Leaders (Principals, Vice Principals)
  • Classroom Teachers

Please note, space is limited for this event given we will try to ensure a balanced representation from each category.

Format: Catalyst Sessions™ are NOT your traditional 'sit and get' webinar. Participants will be broken out into small groups for the majority of the session to engage in authentic dialogue and co-construct shared insight….a true collaborative experience- so come prepared to have your camera and audio on!

Output: On completion of the session the organizers will produce a report on the discussions and synthesize into the core, reoccurring statements. Importantly, none of the quotes or what is said during the session is made attributable to any one person. This is a safe place to make, share and hear genuine perspectives from each other.

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