At the outset of the pandemic, the planning committee postponed the conference to the fall, expecting to align the conference with Convergence 2020.  When Convergence 2020 moved to online delivery, the committee made two decisions:

  1. The conference would be cancelled.  The ATLE SIS Administrators' Conference will resume its usual pattern in May, 2021.
  2. The committee will provide a stream of sessions in the program of Convergence 2020.

Monitor the Convergence 2020 program for sessions in the SIS stream.

What is the SIS Administrator's Conference

A group of fellow SIS Coordinators in the province have partnered with ATLE to establish the first annual ATLE SIS Administrators' Conference - a rebranding and expansion of the long-running PowerSchool District Administrator's Conference.

The conference was intended for all SIS Administrators and Data Coordinators in the province, whether you use PowerSchool, edsembli, or some other tool for managing your student records and PASI submissions. 

We look forward to seeing you next year



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