Kendal King

Zone 5 Director
Phone: 40385444810715
About Me

I graduated from college in Saskatoon in April 2002 and started with Prairie Land Regional Division two weeks later as a Network System Analyst. I thought I would work for a few years here and then after I got some experience I would move to Calgary and get a “real” job. I found that in Prairie Land, with only 2 staff in I.T. we had to look after every aspect of technology specializing in everything. This has been one of the reasons I have stayed on, the other reason is the staff here has been really wonderful. The only downside to the move was going from high speed internet to dial up at home. Thank goodness that has changed and now I get gig fiber right in my home, thank you Axia.

I met my wife, the Home Ec. Teacher, here and now we have 2 children. I was a bit worried that in a small town that the kids may miss out on some things from the city. As it turns out I feel that the small town is actually better in so many ways. Everyone knows who you and your kids are and they all look out for each other. Between hockey for the boy and volleyball/dance/ball for the girl we keep pretty busy.

I became a member of ATLE the first year and I look forward to it every year. I have only missed one so I could go to DisneyLand with the family.

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