The Great Tech Race

Mining for ITcoin

How Does it Work?

Mining for ITCoin is easy! All you have to do is ENGAGE with our conference platform! Earn points for clicking different parts of the site AND get special promo codes from vendors, speakers and our conference team to get that ITCoin bank balance building!

YOU can earn ITCoins for:

Early Bird registration                                     25 ITCoins

Visiting the conference lobby                           1 ITCoin

Attending a breakout session                          10 ITcoins 

Attending a "BIT" session                                  5 Itcoins

Visiting a sponsor booth                                    5 ITcoins

Attending a keynote/feature speaker              10 ITcoins

Visiting a lounge                                                10 ITcoins

Engaging a sponsor in Kumospace                  25 ITcoins


Caught you IGNITED! 10 ITCoins

We have spies and they are watching you for random acts of IGNITION! Add something valuable to a lively lounge discussion or ask a brilliant question during a breakout session and if one of our spies witnesses it, they might just send you a code for 10 bonus ITCoins! 

Follow the Leaderboard to Track Your Progress!

The top 10 finishers in The Great Tech Race will win a choice from a selection of digital gift cards!

First Place $300
Second Place $200
Third Place $100
Fourth Place $75
Fifth Place $75
Sixth Place $50
Seventh Place $50
Eighth Place $25
Ninth Place $25
Tenth Place $25