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National Channel Manager| Promethean Canada

National Channel Manager| Promethean Canada


About Promethean Promethean makes interactive displays and teaching software that drive breakthroughs for teachers, students, and colleagues around the world. Our mission Learning and collaboration are essential to progress in any field. Our mission is to transform them for the better. As education and the workplace continue to evolve, Promethean is there — helping our customers get the most from cutting-edge technology and making sure they’re ready for what’s next. Inspired by educators Promethean was created by teachers, for teachers: people with a passion for empowering everyone to shine their brightest. It’s a legacy that has fueled us from our early startup days in Blackburn, England, to the international company we are today.

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Sketchnoting for Visual Learners (and We Are ALL Visual Learners)

Sketchnoting; What? Why? And How? All on the Promethean ActivPanel! “Sketchnoting,” or “visual notetaking,” is increasingly being recognized as a legitimate form of notetaking that is not only fun but also a scientifically proven method of improving students’ recall and understanding of information. We will explore some brain science behind sketchnoting’s effectiveness, discuss how to get started even if you think you cannot draw, share resources for further exploration, and discover ways the Promethean ActivPanel Solution can fit into your Sketchnoting journey. Come join us to learn more on Sketchnoting basics and ActivPanel basics—all in one session!

Wednesday, December 8 • 10:15 - 11:00


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