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Sr. Manager, Strategic Partnerships and Sales

Sr. Manager, Strategic Partnerships and Sales


We're an education company that designs and develops technology and corresponding educational content to provide purpose-driven learning experiences that empower students to address global issues through technological solutions. From 3D Printers to coding and robotics kits, we intentionally design our products and educational content to require active student participation, intuitively integrating learning STEM subject knowledge and skills – such as Design Thinking - the core competencies, and promote empathy and humanistic perspectives. We further integrate industry examples and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals within our instructional design resources to create authentic learning experiences. that spark curiosity and learning beyond the classroom.

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Purpose-Driven Learning in the Classroom: Teaching coding through the lens of the UN SDGs

Join us as we explore climate change issues through inquiry, coding, and project-based learning with the micro:bit and the Climate Action Kit. Together, we will explore United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 13 (Climate Action) and 15 (Life on Land) through interactive, inquiry-based learning activities as well as coding and physical computing. In this session we’ll preview the Climate Action Kit and demonstrate how it will contextualize coding and physical computing with your classroom! Participants will also participate in a short coding activity using the virtual micro:bit. Our goal is to help learners develop empathy as they deepen their understanding of land-based issues, then apply this learning to create tangible solutions using the Climate Action Kit, micro:bit and digital literacy.

Thursday, December 9 • 14:15 - 15:00


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