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Network Infrastructure and Security Consultant at X10

Network Infrastructure and Security Consultant at X10

X10 Networks

X10 Networks is a privately Canadian-owned and operated company, founded in Vancouver, BC (February 2004). Leveraging the industry’s best practices along with education and IT experience, X10 Networks has earned the trust of schools and institutions to deliver networks with ample performance, reliability, resiliency, and security to meet digital learning and business goals. These advanced networks use a simplified architecture that adds ease to the process of creating and supporting the connected campus or school sites. X10 Networks has specialized in the BC K-12 market for over 15 years. We help clients to identify critical weaknesses in the cybersecurity protection measure, Cloud, Data Center, Operational Networks, Collaboration, Software, and endpoint solutions. Our team composition consists of a very experienced group of Education and IT consultants, where each individual brings extensive experience working in the K-12 industry. Presently, X10 Networks has 50 employees and works with 65% of School Districts in the Province of British Columbia, as well as other provinces and territories in Canada. We are the largest BC-based IT Solutions Provider focusing on the K-12 market. We work to bridge the gap between IT and Educators, helping to achieve School District education objectives. X10 provides a plan that puts technology in place to support your learning and community goals. This allows all stakeholders to see their goals and priorities in action. We will help develop a Strategic Educational Technology Plan, which will allow you to plan educational technology deployments over upcoming years and budget cycles. X10 Networks was also deployed in partnership with IBM and TELUS, a provincial school network referred to as Next Generation Network (NGN), connecting 1600 public schools. We have developed a set of best practices, which have become a fundamental part of NGN Infrastructure. As a part of this project, X10 Networks worked with every School District in BC throughout the migration process, assisting each throughout the deployment to the new Next Generation Network. The project lasted approximately 3 years, and the X10 Networks team performed transitions of 3-8 schools every day. Upon completion of this project, X10 Networks has received the Premier’s Award In Organizational Excellence Category.


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