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FAQs For Participants

Tour the Conference Platform with your hosts Linda and Janet - Convergence Platform for Participants

Join your tour guide Angela and learn what's up in Kumospace this year! - Kumospace for Attendees 

Where do I find the sessions? Click here

Can I log in with two devices at the same time?  The answer is you cannot log into two devices at the same time.  The last device will be used and will close connection of the second device.

Are sessions recorded?  Yes all sessions are recorded and will be available once they have been transferred from Zoom to the ATLE website.  From there you will have 60 days (February 15, 2022) to view the recordings for free. An email will be sent to all registrants once the recordings and documents have been posted.

FAQs For Presenters

Welcome to the ATLE Convergence 2021 - Moderator Support Document

Convergence IgnITED - Moderator Support, 2021

Zoom Tips

Excerpts from Presenter Pro: Zoom and Peripherals - This presentation (in Slides) was part of ATLE's new 2021 Presenter Pro professional learning series, which, in partnership with ERLC, provided personalized orientation opportunities to presenters in the weeks leading up to this week's conference.

Guide for Presenters and Moderators (video)

Sample introductory session presentation