Conversation Places

Lounge Discussions

Stop by at the end of the day after 3:00 pm Wednesday or Thursday for a lounge discussion, and participate in some congenial conversation on a guided topic. 


December 8th at 3:05 - 3:35 pm:

  1. ATLE Prolearn - What's in it for you? with Nicole Lakusta
  2. MFA - How are we doing? with Jeff Cullen. K-12 Educational organizations are increasingly being pressured and mandated to adopt Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) due to insurance requirements and the increased number of “bad actors” using more complex methods. Come and join us in the IT Lounge to discuss some of the approaches you have used to begin implementing MFA in your jurisdiction. What are some obstacles you have encountered? How do you manage the organizational and cultural change associated with moving to MFA?
  3. ATLE Book Club - Interested? with Janet Bell
  4. Consult with Community Veterans, with Brian Wynder & David Lorenson

December 9th 3:05 - 3:35 pm:

  1. Ignite Innovation with The ATLE HubJanet Bell & Andrew Saunders
  2. Make the Most of your ATLE MembershipDoug Dietz
  3. PowerSchool Plugins Alberta Divisions are UsingLeesa Chartrand
  4. ET Discussion with each other
  5. Edsembli SIS Best Practices - PJ de las Llagas, Sally Smith & Wendy Brown

Water Cooler Chats

Join a water cooler chat where one of our valued sponsors will lead a lively discussion on an emergent topic. Click here


December 8th

  • The UN SDGs Hosted by InkSmith 10:15-10:35
  • Hosted by Compugen 10:40-11:00
  • Hosted by Contego 1:15-1:35
  • Hosted by Logitech 1:40-2:00
  • Hosted by Dell 2:15-2:35
  • Hosted by Edsembli 2:40-3:00
  • Hosted by Epson 3:05-3:25


December 9th

  • Hosted by Bell 10:15-
  • Hosted by Cybera 10:40-11:00
  • Hosted by Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprises Company 1:15-1:35
  • Hosted by Intellimedia 1:40-2:00
  • Hosted by Kajeet 2:15-2:35
  • Hosted by Nelson Education 2:40-3:00
  • What is a Smart Locker and can it Really Save Your IT Team? Hosted by Software4Schools 3:05-3:25
  • Hosted by Promethean 10:15-10:35

December 10th

  • What's Next for School: Using Real AI to Improve Students’ Network Experience and Facilitate Better Learning - Hosted by X10 Networks from 10.15-10.35
  •  Rally Roadmap - Hosted by Rally 10:40-11:00
  • Hosted by Sora by OverDrive Education 1:40-2:00
  • Hosted by ViewSonic 2:05-2:25


Hang out in the Rooftop Lounge

The best part of any conference is meeting up with colleagues to talk about the latest trends and activities. Join us in the Rooftop Lounge