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ignITED! Convergence 2021 Program

Take a peek at our Draft Ignited 2021 Convergence Program.  This schedule will change as we continue to add to the program.  We are excited to bring you three engaging days of learning!

Draft ignITED! Convergence Conference Schedule

Who Should Attend?

The Convergence Conference explores all aspects of educational technology.


  • Learn to integrate technology standards across curricula and into assessment practices
  • Develop strategies to boost learning for all students and prepare them with digital age skills
  • Share stories and resources

Tech Coordinators & Tech Staff

  • Stay up to date on emerging technologies and the latest resources and tactics for implementing digital age learning environments
  • Learn to maximize the capacity and efficiency of your technology infrastructure


  • Discover how technology improves outcomes for all learners and prepares them with digital age skills
  • Learn about standards for faculty and tech programs
  • Learn about strategies and models for developing, maintaining, and supporting technology infrastructures

Government & Industry Representatives

  • Learn about building and classroom level issues, needs, and challenges
  • Keep up with trends and issues in the use of technology to improve learning and teaching

The Great Tech Race! Mining for ITCOIN

Everything you do at the conference can earn you ITCOIN! Earn points by browsing the site, engaging with exhibitors, joining a conversation in the lounge and attending sessions!  Prizes can be won for those who have collected the most points.


Mining for ITcoin is easy! All you have to do is ignITED with our conference platform! Earn points for clicking different parts of the site AND get special promo codes from vendors, speakers and our conference team to get that ITcoin bank balance building!

YOU can earn ITcoins for:

  • Becoming a moderator 
  • Visiting the conference lobby
  • Attending a breakout session   
  • Visiting a sponsor booth  
  • Attending a keynote/feature speaker  
  • Visiting a lounge   
  • Engaging a sponsor in text/video chat 

BONUS:  Caught you ignITED! 

We have spies and they will be watching you for random acts of ENGAGEMENT! Add something valuable to a lively lounge discussion or ask a brilliant question during a breakout session and if one of our spies witnesses it, they might just send you a code for bonus ITcoins! 

FAQs for Participants

Where do I find the sessions?

Draft ignITED! Convergence Conference Schedule

Can I log in with two devices at the same time?

The answer is you cannot log into two devices at the same time.  The last device will be used and will close connection of the second device.

Are sessions recorded?

Yes all sessions are recorded and will be available once they have been transferred from Zoom to the ATLE website.  From there you will have until February 15, 2022 to view the recordings for free. An email will be sent to all registrants once the recordings and documents have been posted.

Meet Our Speakers

Image of Bruce Ellis

Bruce Ellis

Director of Professional Development, TCEA

About Bruce


Fliphunt Fun for Everyone! (Flipgrid Scavenger Hunts)

Chrome Extensions You Can't Live Without

Google Slides Isn't Just for Presentations!

Image of Bernice Pui

Bernice Pui

Tech Integration & Planning Support Cons. - EPSB

About Bernice

SESSION TOPICS (2): Pear Deck - Engaging and Assessing Students and SmarterMarks - In-Person or Online Assessment with Statistics

Image of Chris Blais

Chris Blais

Specialist, Teaching and Learning with Technology

About Chris


Level Up, Calgary! Launching CBE’s System-wide Design Challenge in Minecraft

Image of Christine McKee

Christine McKee

Consultant - ECSD

About Christine


Amplify Your Assessment & Feedback with Digital Tools

Fostering Student Connections and Engagement with Flipgrid

Image of Diana Benner

Diana Benner

Director of Professional Development - TCEA

About Diana


Google Tools and Social-Emotional Learning

High-Yield Instructional Strategies with Google

Integrating SEL into your Elementary Classroom

Image of Julie Porter

Julie Porter

Education Consultant, Promethean Canada

About Julie


Sketchnoting for Visual Learners (and We Are ALL Visual Learners)

Image of Giancarlo Brotto

Giancarlo Brotto

Founder, Global Education Catalyst

About Giancarlo

KEYNOTE SPEAKER - December 9, 2021

Session title: Connections That Matter

Image of Jesse Sadlowski

Jesse Sadlowski

Director of Technology Learning & Innovation - LSD

About Jesse


Creating Immersive VR Experiences utilizing Lenovo's VR Classroom

Image of Katina Papulkas

Katina Papulkas

Senior Education Strategist

About Katina

Katina Papulkas is an experienced educator with a background in teaching, online learning, leadership, assessment, and educational technology.

Image of Kumiko Imai with Christelle Bsaibes

Kumiko Imai with Christelle Bsaibes

Director of Education, Hackergal

About Kumiko


Empowering Girls to Code Through Community

Image of Laura Guiterrez Funderburk

Laura Guiterrez Funderburk

Data Scientist - Cybera Inc.

About Laura


The Importance of Ethics in AI

Image of Lea Beeken

Lea Beeken

Manager - EPSB

About Lea


Assume Crash Positions (why you want an incident response plan)

Image of Lori Gracey

Lori Gracey

Executive Director - TCEA

About Lori


The Research of John Hattie - for Leaders

The Latest on Brain Research in Education

Image of Lucy Ho

Lucy Ho

Founder & Executive Director - Hackergal

About Lucy


Technology is Changing the World and YOU Should Care!

Image of Mildred Weiss

Mildred Weiss

Data Coordinator & Education Support - SDA Church

About Mildred


From Computer Labs to 1:1

5 Google Add-ons you must have

Image of Monti Tanner

Monti Tanner

Assistant Principal - CBE Learn

About Monti


Supporting LGBTQ* Students in the Online Classroom

Image of PJ de Las LLagas

PJ de Las LLagas

Enterprise Sales Executive - Edsembli

About PJ


Overcoming Barriers to Digital Transformation

Edsembli SIS Best Practices

Image of Shawna Pandya

Shawna Pandya

Physician, astronaut candidate, and aquanaut.

About Shawna

KEYNOTE SPEAKER - December 8, 2021

Pushing the Limits

Image of Stephanie Krammer

Stephanie Krammer

Teacher - Ignite Centre for eLearning

About Stephanie


"So what?" "Why do I need to know this?" "When am I ever going to use this in life?"

Image of Steve Brown

Steve Brown

Chief Executive Officer - Nelson

About Steve

KEYNOTE SPEAKER - December 10, 2021

Be Bold!

Image of Sue Mylde

Sue Mylde

Teacher: Coding & Math

About Sue


Scratch...Some More

Pedagogy meets the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Image of Todd Kennedy

Todd Kennedy

Director of Technology - GHSD

About Todd


Cybersecurity at Golden Hills School Division #75

Image of Tom Woods

Tom Woods

AmplifiedIT - Google for Education Training Lead

About Tom


Google IT: Managing Chrome Security & Supporting Users

Google IT: Google Workspace for Education Security

Image of Matt Brown

Matt Brown

Text Help - Regional Sales Director - Canada

About Matt


Creating Digital and Accessible Math with EquatIO

Heather Howe was the best presenter I ever saw! Her sense of humour was amazing and I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Todd Kennedy

Nothing says awesome conference like attending Lissa's sessions. Last year she gave out ice cream to everyone who attended

Todd Kennedy