Convergence reunITED! 2022

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Past Conferences

December 8th 2021

Location: Virtual

Convergence 2021 again demonstrated the popularity of the annual conference.  There are a number of reasons to celebrate the success of the conference:

  • More than 400 registrations, including 120 registrants from Dominica.  The ATLE extended complimentary registrations as part of the partnership with IT for Dominica.
  • 32 sponsors joined the exhibit hall to display products and services.
  • Several new features were added to the program:
    • ITBits to parallel EDBit sessions.
    • Rooftop Lounge (informal networking) using a new tool called Kumospace.
    • SIS stream of sessions added to the conference program.
    • Lounge sessions for unstructured discussions.
    • Water cooler conversations with vendors.
  • The presentations in the program demonstrated the depth and range of expertise within Alberta while also drawing presenters from across Canada, from Dominica, and from Texas.
  • Daily keynotes set a great tone for the day.
  • The conference achieved a surplus which will be used by the ATLE board to support operations and activities through the year.

The ATLE Board recognizes and appreciates the work of the planning committee in making Convergence 2021 a success.

December 2nd 2020

Location: Convergence Conference

Check out the ATLE Store for recordings of the 2020 Convergence Conference sessions.  Click on the link

November 6th 2019

Location: Conference Location

Another successful Convergence Conference was held this year hosted by ATLE.  A number of presentations were offered exploring all aspects of the convergence of learning, leadership and technology.  Lori Gracey, keynote speaker, challenged and inspired her audience, "The Future is Coming Faster Than You Think!"  Keynote and Research presentation 

Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Education stopped by to say hello.  The Board was pleased to show the Minister what the Convergence Conference had to offer the attendees in the field of education & technology! 

Mrs. Deborah Joseph, our guest from Dominica Community High School in the Dominica spoke to the group telling how ATLE members have helped technology come to the island and into their schools. 

Attendees had an opportunity for hands on workshops, sessions focusing on a variety of topics, and networking. Students showcased their projects. Learning was everywhere.

Vendors brought the future to the Exhibition Hall displaying what is available in the classroom and more.  Conversations discussing approaches, techniques and strategies to obtain the best value from a vendor relationship were heard through the hallways.

ATLE is looking forward to next year's conference!  We hope to see you there.


November 1st 2017

Location: Convergence Conference

Tinkering, Coding, and Creating in the Classroom

"Makers dream big, take risks, explore options, imagine new possibilities, show courage, express creativity, and embrace challenge", "I think parent's and teachers should try to maximize creative time.  The focus shouldn't be which tech kids are using, but rather what kids are doing with them"  These are just a few of the topics shared at the ATLE Convergence where ATLE ProLearn members Shelley Friesen and Nicole Lakusta hosted two hands-on learning sessions.  For more information on this session click the following link - Tinkering, Coding and Creating in the Classroom with Coding and then in Creating and Circuitry.

ATLE purchased a number of maker space materials.  If you are interested in checking out maker space activities before purchasing the kits, arranged to loan the materials through the ATA Library.

October 5th 2016

November 4th 2015