Convergence reunITED! 2022

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Meet Our Keynote Speaker

Dr. Kristen Mattson

Kristen Mattson found a passion for digital citizenship while teaching and pursuing her doctoral degree.

Her keynote address will be 'Empowering Young People through Digital Citizenship Education'.

If digital citizenship were one of our students, it would certainly be in the angsty teenage years. In its infancy, we protected it. In the elementary years, we cautiously nurtured it. Digital citizenship tried on many different identities as a pre-teen and now here we are dealing with a concept that is ready to spread its wings and leave the nest. In this keynote, Dr. Mattson will tell the story of where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going as digital citizenship educators. And don’t worry - we ALL wear that title - so this story is for you. 

Dr. Mattson will also be presenting a preconference full-day workshop - 'Systemizing Digital Citizenship Education: What Role Do You Play?' as well as four conference sessions.

Read more biographical details  about  Kristen on her website, here.