By association bylaws, individuals must be employees of K-12 jurisdictions or faculty or students in teacher pre-service training programs.

Membership Application

The cost of membership is $135.

An authority group plan membership is authorized by a representative of a jurisdiction within Alberta. This category of membership can only be initiated by a senior IT or ET leadership member of the jurisdiction.  The authority group plan makes it possible for any employee of the jurisdiction to hold a membership in ATLE at no personal cost.  Contact your senior IT or ET leader to determine if you jurisdiction has a group plan. If so, request that they add you to the employee list within the plan.  You will then receive instructions from the membership system to activate your ATLE membership.

Three categories of Authority Membership:  

Contact or review the events calendar on the ATLE web site.

Our ProLearn Committee is always available to talk about learning opportunities. Email with your ideas

The ATLE Board meets regularly.  As well, there is a General Meeting held each year during the annual Convergence Conference

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