The ATLE Professional Learning Committee (ProLearn) offers meaningful professional development opportunities.  Should you need assistance with a regional technology and learning event please contact the ProLearn Committee for financial and logistical support -  View ProLearn activities by clicking on the event calendar below and choose "ProLearn" in the Filter Tag. 

As a member of ATLE, members also have some access to ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) and their PD offerings.  Check out the ISTE LINK for more information.

A number of professional learning opportunities have been offered in the past:

  • Digital Student Records
  • Makey Makey Invention Literacy
  • Information Governance and Digital Student Records
  • Facilities and Technology Greet, Meet and Eat
  • Making the Most of Cybera:  Alberta's Public, Digital Resource
  • Microsoft - Azure Deep Dive
  • Microsoft Symposium
  • Ed-Tech Scrum
  • ATLE Zone 6 IT Department Meeting
  • ATLE JTC Spring Symposium and Leadership Unconference
  • Convergence Conference
  • Event Cybersecurity and Microsoft Modern Management Solutions in Schools

In support of Policy Direction 2 of the Learning and Technology Policy Framework (LTPF), ATLE is pleased to offer up to $6000.00 in funding to member projects as part of our Professional Learning Plan. 

ATLE ProLearn Committee Members can be reached at:

  • Nicole Lakusta (Chair)
  • Ernest Aleixandre
  • Jason Kwasny
  • Brian Wynder
  • Janet Bell
  • Sookham Singh (ABED)
  • Matt Dodd (ABED)
  • Doug Dietz (Executive Director)         

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