The ATLE Professional Learning Committee (ProLearn) offers meaningful professional development opportunities.  Should you need assistance with a regional technology and learning event please contact the ProLearn Committee for financial and logistical support -  View ProLearn activities by clicking on the event calendar below and choose "ProLearn" in the Filter Tag. 


A number of professional learning opportunities have been offered in the past:

  • 2022 SIS Coordinators Conference
  • 2022 JTC Spring Symposium and ATLE Unconference
  • 2021 Convergence Conference ignITED! Conference
  • 2022 Online 'Let's Talk Security' Event
  • 2021 Administrative Assistants' Symposium
  • 2021 JTC Spring Symposium and ATLE Unconference
  • Network Security Beyond 2021: Exclusive Zone 6 Panel Presentation and Discussion
  • Which Alberta For Which Future?
  • MakeyMakey Mighty Peace Teachers' Convention Workshop
  • Digital Student Records Symposium
  • ATLE Zone 3 Online Event - Office 365 Teams, Azure and Microsoft Endpoint Manager Intune
  • School Startup - IT Wins, Losses, and Ties
  • SIS Brainstorming with Brian Wynder
  • Planning in Uncertain Times

In support of Policy Direction 2 of the Learning and Technology Policy Framework (LTPF), ATLE is pleased to offer up to $6000.00 in funding to member projects as part of our Professional Learning Plan. 

ATLE ProLearn Committee Members can be reached at:

  • Janet Bell (Chair)
  • Ernest Aleixandre
  • Jason Kwasny
  • Brian Wynder
  • Rob Baptiste
  • Sookham Singh (ABED)
  • Matt Dodd (ABED)        

Special Interest Groups (SIG)

ATLE is intentional about our members' professional learning pathways. We are creating special interest groups based on our members' needs. Watch for events featuring Inclusive Learning, Digital Citizenship, Student Information Systems, Robotics, Information Technologies and Education Technologies, among others.

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