ATLE/blendED Book Study

ATLE and blendED Alberta are coming together to prepare for a fabulous few weeks of great conversation about some terrific books this school year!!
The books we will be discussing will appeal particularly to those involved in school leadership, teacher leadership, or forward-thinking classroom practice! They include:
Why participate in an ATLE-blendED book study?
  • Build upon shared reading experiences with other passionate leaders and teacher leaders in ET, IT, and Blended Learning who are reading across Alberta and far beyond
  • Guest author visits!
  • Ongoing connections via social media
  • Become plugged into a curious and compassionate PLN that has the capacity to inspire you to your next step!
  • no cost (other than your independent book purchase)

ATLE/blendED Explore Inclusive Learning 365

Come join our chats about Inclusive Learning 365 - an ongoing "hop-on hop-off" conversation that honors the experience of the group while recognizing the realities of schools and school districts in April/May. Rather than reading every page, we hope to inspire you to flip through the book to see which tools jump out to you, which ones you've used before, which you're curious to try next - in terms of these broader topics: 
Tuesday, April 18 - Reading, Writing, & Research
Tuesday, May 2 - Executive Functioning & SEL
Tuesday, April 25 - STEAM
Tuesday, May 9 - Studying & Professional Learning
Come one, come all to one - or all - of the sessions! Bring a beverage and enjoy the banter. See you Tuesdays after school!
Our goal is that if even just some of us can browse the book as a resource over a four-week period, we can then collectively share ideas together and across our networks, be inspired to share stories about the tools we've already used, and be prompted to use other tools recommended by others as time unfolds.

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