Ethics in a Digital World - Dr. Kristen Mattson

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In an innovative project collaboration between ATLE and ERLC/ARPDC, we are excited to co-sponsor Dr. Kristen Mattson, of @digcitdoctors renown on Twitter - see website, author of the ATLE current book study selection, Ethics in a Digital World, for a one-hour open online event that taps into these issues in an engaging and informative format under the conversation topic:

Should this Exist? An Exercise in Digital Ethics.

Our students will be creating the next wave of innovative technology. We are on the verge of exciting things like self- driving cars and various neurotechnologies. Just because we can create these tools, does it mean we should? Join this session to engage in various digital ethics exercises that can be replicated in classrooms and with your professional teams.

If you are an instructional leader, teacher, educational IT professional or parent, don’t miss this exciting session. In one short hour we’ll be inspired to use new strategies while also increasing our own #digcit confidence and competence!

Registration:  Free

Date: May 16, 4:00-5:00

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