Strategy 1: Learning and technology professional development events will be communicated to ATLE membership.

1.1 The Prolearn section of the ATLE webpage will be kept up to date and will include:

  • a calendar of events
  • information on available resources
  • other learning opportunities

1.2 Collect information about relevant PD in Alberta from other organizations and add to calendar.

1.3 Create a monthly post on the ATLE Yammer page summarizing available events, opportunities and resources.

1.4 Send out a monthly email to our membership summarizing available events, opportunities and resources.

1.5 Use Twitter to tweet or re-tweeting activities or information about LTPF or ATLE goals.  (ie. vendor information, upcoming PD events, etc)

Strategy 2: Host events that enhance professional knowledge while providing face to face networking opportunities.

2.1 Offer a 3 day fall conference in Calgary to explore all aspects of educational technology for K-12 and postsecondary. This is being organized by the ATLE Conference Committee. The Prolearn Committee will create a pre-conference event before Convergence Conference 2018. It will offer at least one full day activity in support of each ATLE pillar.

2.2 Host a spring JTC symposium in Edmonton to offer a professional learning and networking opportunity in the area of learning and technology. The Prolearn Committee will host a Unconference the day before JTC.

2.3. Each ATLE zone representative will organize a meetup of some type for ATLE members in their zone.

2.4 Create partnerships with the business community to offer regional professional development events.

Strategy 3: Use available funds to share research and innovation in the use of technology for learning.

3.1 Develop a grant with the goal of sharing learning and technology research and innovation. ATLE members will be able to apply to access funds for specific projects on the condition their finding will be shared with ATLE membership. It can be shared through a webinar or at an ATLE event. $6000 will be made available for the grant out of the Prolearn Committee budget.

3.2  Share findings of 2017-18 grant with ATLE members.

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