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There are a lot of things to consider so that your students can start the year successfully. Begin by preparing the remote learning environment before students “arrive” at school. Below are some suggestions.  Preparing students

Exciting things happening at TCEA

Let Your Light Shine

The call for proposals to present at the 2021 TCEA Convention & Exposition in Dallas has been extended. I realize that there is a lot of uncertainty about COVID-19 and travel, but we will definitely hold this amazing learning experience, either face to face or virtually. And to make that happen, we need amazing presentations from our members. So please submit your ideas today!

More Lunch and Learn Goodness

We've extended our free-to-members Lunch and Learn webinars through June and have some great topics planned for you, including a remote learning smackdown and a fun session on social/emotional learning. Register for them today!

Grow Your Skill Set

TCEA now offers six different certification programs (with more on the way!), including our newest one for Google Certified Trainers. Many of these are self-paced, online courses that you can work through as you have time. Check them out and see where you want to grow.

Finally, if you know of someone who missed getting their free membership in TCEA, have them email and ask for it. It can probably happen!

This resource section is intended to provide individuals, school leaders and jurisdiction leaders with a starting point in the search for resources which would provide background, training and instructional resources as they develop plans for student learning during the cancellation of classes.  At this point, ATLE will not be producing actual materials.  Rather, we will be offering links to resources and materials from trusted sources within the ATLE network.  However, use of these resources should be based upon the goals and plans of each jurisdiction.   

We welcome submission of additions to this collection of resources.  If you find, through your own networks, resources which you believe would be of value to others, please submit them to us for addition to this section.  This section will evolve over time.  Check back occasionally to review new information.

Stay connected with your students with these fun Zoom games

TCEA offers a variety of workshops, video games and tools for remote teaching and learning in one place. Check out the daily short-form video mini-sessions for bite-sized professional development, tips, and tricks for teaching online.

TCEA Remote Learning


Zorbit’s Free Home-Learning Kits

Zorbit’s Math:

All of our Home-Learning content is now available through the Zorbit's teachers dashboard so you can easily find new and previous content:

Zorbit's Home-Learning Kits contains;

  • The May Daily Math Hands-On Activities Calendar in both French and English!
  • New Eagle-Eye Sports hands-on at home activity 
  • A new filter under Teaching Activities to select activities optimized for Home Learning or Remote teaching
  • Tons of other exciting activities and videos for your teachers and families

**The link for the Zorbit's Home-Learning Kits can be shared with any teachers who aren't using Zorbit's as well, although we encourage accessing it through the dashboard!

Recently we hosted a webinar on 5 Proven Tips for Home Learning, helping leverage the Zorbit's platform to make home learning Accessible, Rich, Active, Connected, and Routine. If you didn't have a chance to attend, here's the recording:

Stay safe and have a wonderful week!


This is to let you know the National Film Board is offering teachers across Canada complimentary access to CAMPUS until June 30th. We hope the films and educator resources will help support teachers during the current health crisis.

Attached is a press release with more details. To subscribe, teachers simply need to contact NFB Customer Service at 1-800-267-7710 (from anywhere in Canada), or by e-mail:


Dive into digital stories in video and audio formats that you can share

TCEA gathered a number of their favorite — and most useful — tools for remote teaching and learning in one place. Check out the daily short-form video mini-sessions for bite-sized professional development, tips, and tricks for teaching online. click on the link



How-To Videos for People New to Google Hangouts Meet

Source: Eric Curts, Technology Integration Specialist, Stark Portage Area Computer Consortium

Brief Description: To help out with people new to Google Hangouts Meet, or just needing guidance with it, I recorded 5 quick help videos (with more to come) all about Meet to get you going! This is a great tool for remote teaching to connect with students and record instruction. The current videos (with more to come) cover:

  • How to Start a Google Meet (3 minutes)
  • How to Invite People to a Google Meet (5 minutes)
  • How to Join a Google Meet (4 minutes)
  • Basic Use and Features of Google Meet (7 minutes)
  • How to Record a Google Meet (7 minutes)



Resources from Discovery Education

Our teams at Discovery Education have been working on adding a few new resources to support your journey with virtual learning. Check out the resources below, and let us know how we can support you and your educators this week and beyond. 

Updated Student Center & At-Home Resources

  • Students can now easily go on a learning adventure, check out a virtual field trip, and explore ways to make the most of their own Discovery Education Experience. Encourage students to sign in today! Explore ideas for Student Exploration now.
  • Looking for printable resources to support parents with student learning at home? We’ve launched the Daily DE with a grade-band appropriate learning activity for every day of the week. Get started >

Support for Educators

  • DEN VirtCon: Better Together: Encourage all of your educators to join us March 26-27 to discover how DEN members are finding practical, creative, and effective ways to maximize digital resources in a virtual setting. You’ll also explore ways to use Discovery Education to design differentiated learning experiences. Learn more & Register >
  • Check out and share 5 Ways Digital Content Can Support Virtual Learning – concrete ideas and strategies for supporting digital teaching and learning.
  • Join an upcoming Discovery Education Virtual Professional Learning opportunity. Check the Events Calendar regularly for updated offerings.
  • Explore on-demand learning opportunities within Discovery Education’s step-by-step guidesinteractive coursesand DEN Channel

Virtual Learning Resources All In One Place

  • We’ve organized the virtual learning resources we are creating all in one place. We’ll keep updating this site with our newest ideas, strategies, and opportunities. Be sure to check back and to share out with your colleagues. Explore now >
  • Share the newest events and learning opportunities from Discovery Education for your educators. We’re here to help! Register today >

Learning Keeps Going

Source:  International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

Brief Description:  A full website with ideas and resources for learning and teaching during the COVID-19 crisis.  Includes a listing of corporations offering free or reduced pricing on services and products.  Also provides webinars to assist those working through transitions.



Free Membership Offer to Access Many Resources

Source: Lori Gracey, Executive Director, TCEA

Description: Perhaps at no other time in our history has the education community needed each other so much. In recognition of this, TCEA, an ISTE affiliate, is extending free membership for one year in the association and providing numerous remote leading, teaching, and learning resources and videos. From March 30 through May 8, you and your members can join TCEA and all of its Special Interest Groups (SIGs) completely free and access live and recorded webinars, free ebooks, an active online Community with more than 29,000 thought leaders sharing resources, and much more. We are better together and hope that you'll join us on this journey!

Remote Learning Tools for Schools

Source:  Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA)

Brief Description:  A blog which explores over twenty resource links and solution providers to assist you in launching remote learning for your school(s).



Access Learning Offer for Free

Here is your chance to see what Access Learning has to offer for FREE during this difficult time

username - free

password - 2020

Emergencies and Switching to Online Learning

Source:  Next Vista for Learning

Brief Description:  Materials and videos designed to assist schools and jurisdictions in switching to online learning as a result of emergent circumstances.




High school teacher Dawn Kasal Finley (Twitter @kasal_finley) has some great advice on ways to keep students engaged in an online class that she learned from participating in two online courses herself this summer. I'm quoting her below:

  • Do not make students turn on their cameras. There were times I was eating and turned off my camera only to be asked to turn it back on.
  • Do not comment on student's surroundings.
  • Use the "mute all" feature. Folks forget and we don't ned to call them out. Use our control as the leader of the Zoom/Meet to mute them.
  • Create permanent breakout groups. Assign them and then keep it. I kept getting tossed into different groups and we missed out on the deep learning that could have happened if we stayed together all week. And would have allowed us to feel part of the class more.
  • Do not lecture/mini lesson for longer than 20 minutes. Students aren't listening any more. Moving into and out of breakout rooms multiple times in a 50 minute synchronous clas was better--best process was to introduce for 10 minutes and then break out for 5 and back and repeat that.
  • Zoom/Meet polls are great ways to take attendance, quickly gauge understanding. Use that.
  • Let students know what the end goal of each session is. This helps them focus and guides their attention. If students don't know what they are going to have to do, they don't know what to pay attention to (remember they will be at home with distractions).
  • Use that chat. This is a great way to have students share info/work/etc.
  • Most important -- Put yourself in the students' shoes. Think abou their needs, their situations and tailor your teaching epectations.

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