The board of ATLE is excited to announce a partnership with Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA).  TCEA serves approximately 28,000 members, providing an array of learning opportunities.  Some key features of the partnership:

  • Members of ATLE will receive free membership in TCEA as part of the agreement.  During the initial free period of time, members can explore free resources (webinars, podcasts, online resources) available via the TCEA.  
  • ATLE will receive three free registrations to the TCEA Conference and Exhibition.  TCEA will receive two free registrations and an exhibition booth at Convergence.
  • There will be some co-marketing messaging.
  • ATLE will have access to an outstanding team of TCEA professional development staff as resources for Convergence and ProLearn programming.

TCEA now offers online, self-paced courses in the most popular learning management systems  Online Courses


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