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Congratulations to Dr. Daylene Lauman, recipient of the 2023 ATLE Pillar Award

Daylene Lauman - 2023 ATLE Pillar Award Recipient
Daylene Lauman - 2023 ATLE Pillar Award Recipient

Congratulations to Daylene Lauman, recipient of the 2023 ATLE Pillar Award. 

Daylene has worked as teacher and leader of learners of all ages, from young students to graduate students at the university level. She’s led Online Learning initiatives with Alberta Education, and now is Head of School at the Ignite Centre for eLearning. She is involved in blended/online learning committees nationally and internationally. 

Daylene ignites others in many ways, at work and through volunteering with ATLE, supporting conferences and other initiatives. She has long been a mentor to teachers in technology integration and other “timely for today” educational pedagogies.

As a visionary leader, Daylene’s role as a pillar is seen in her passion being always centred on learning and learners. She is well-educated, resourceful, and insatiably curious. She has contributed at every single level of influence - from local to international to virtual.

Daylene has committed her entire career to making a difference, and by being real and humble and a lifelong learner and do-er herself, she creates conditions for change to happen and initiatives to flourish.

What truly sets Daylene apart and elevates her to the status of an extraordinary "practitioner leader" is…that she doesn't merely adopt technology tools; she breathes life into them within our classrooms and operational frameworks. It is the pursuit of knowledge and the unshakable belief in the power of learning that serve as the compass guiding Daylene's every decision concerning technology, making her a true luminary in the field.

Learn more about the ATLE Pillar Award, the highest honor and distinction that the Alberta Technology Leaders in Education organization recognizes.





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