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Planning PLNs!

When a 404 is a GOOD thing!
When a 404 is a GOOD thing!

November is a busy time for the ATLE team as we gather your input on this year's PL survey and grow initiatives for the 2023-2024 school year that will best meet our collective needs and wants! 

If you are an IT or ET person, you will appreciate our thinking that we had some sort of 404 page error when we opened up the Summary of Responses tab of the form to find....404 responses! THANK YOU for completing this survey!

Our respondents were made up of mostly attendees at October's Convergence (IT, ET, SIS, Leadership) and Administrative Assistants' conferences.

Here is what we heard from you.

Top 10 identified PL topics:

  1. Administrative Assistants PLN - (over half of respondents fit this demographic)

  2. Google Workspace / GEG

  3. IT Best Practices

  4. Artificial Intelligence in Education 

  5. Digital Citizenship

  6. Cybersecurity

  7. SIS Leaders PLN

  8. eSports

  9. Vendor-sponsored tools forums

  10. (tied for #10) eLearning - online and blended learning / Makerspaces and 3D printing / Robotics

The "Other" section!

The "Other" section gathered a number of topics that can be placed as subsets of our member groups - e.g. support for particular tech tools, or projects that relate to particular member groups (e.g. classroom projects, or admin assistant-focused projects), or bigger picture conversations that could fit under topics above (e.g. ethics/diversity conversations).

Preferred PL models, in order from top-rated:

  1. Large multi-themed events

  2. Topic-specific workshops

  3. Topic-specific symposium

  4. Partner collaborations

  5. Group-specific recurring meetings

  6. Video studies meetups

  7. Course/microcredential

  8. Podcast

  9. Book studies meetups

  10. Blogs 

Other models suggested include articles, Discord community, after-school virtual sessions. 

Interest in leading and coleading topic-related PLNs:

A full 25% of respondents showed interest in leading/co-leading initiatives! Our team is in the process of contacting you directly to put together a slate of PLNs and associated leaders to move us forward this year. Thank you to all our volunteers for your commitment to these emerging ATLE PLNs, and we look forward to working with you!

Questions or comments about PLNs? Email Prolearn lead Janet Bell at

What other topics, models, or ideas in general would you like to see ATLE run with? Please share in the comments below or directly via email.









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