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Your ATLE membership provides year-round professional learning opportunities in technology, learning and leadership. ATLE helps you serve your school district with the best and most current information out there.

  • Learning and networking opportunities
  • Exciting annual conferences and events
  • Peer support and advocacy
  • ProLearn financial and logistical support

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If you're involved in leadership, information technology (IT), educational technology (ET) or student information systems (SIS) within your school or school jurisdiction in Alberta or Canada, then become a member - or better still, have your jurisdiction become a member (they might already be one) - of ATLE. 

ATLE's community of leaders and learners leverages the capacity of our entire group across the province to identify solutions to emerging challenges in the areas of IT, ET, SIS and more.

Be plugged in to a collective that can level up the quality your own work, and can provide tremendous assistance when moving change forward within your particular sphere of influence.

ATLE proudly supports our broader community with no-cost events available to all. As a member, you can also access enriched offerings, as you are plugged fully into the ATLE member community.

As well, membership not only provides you with an in to exclusive resources and networking opportunities, but it also provides you with discounts on our two premier conference events, Convergence (October) and Emerge (May). 

If you have questions about membership, please contact us.

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"My ATLE membership provides year-round opportunities to connect with others in the field of IT/ET. With various forms of PD, discussions, and sharing, I am confident in being able to serve my own school district with the best and current information out there."    - Nicole Lakusta