"I volunteer with ATLE for two main reasons. I enjoy meeting the other volunteers from around the province and getting to know them. I also find it very satisfying to see our members get together and collaborate at an event that I helped to plan."  - Shayne Pierson


Almost two decades ago, in 2006, the ATLE association was formed to serve Alberta school jurisdictions by providing in person (conference) and online (through its Member Portal) ways to help leaders address issues and professional learning needs related to its three pillars of learning, technology and leadership. 

Times have changed and our mission endures - but the ways we achieve it have certainly expanded and evolved!

Significantly, the success of ATLE has always aligned with the contributions of its volunteers, many of whom work tirelessly, especially at Conference time, to pull together high quality, high value professional learning. ATLE's volunteers are a combination of positional and emerging leaders from jurisdictions across Alberta, who are passionate in their vision to support ongoing professional learning for leaders within ATLE's broad community of jurisdictional and school-based IT, ET, SIS and administrative assistants. 

As an organization committed to its mission of “Supporting education through the convergence of learning, leading, and technology”, we invite you to consider joining our team as a volunteer. Please email us if you would like to:

  • participate on the ATLE Board
  • join the ProLearn Committee
  • join the Convergence Conference Committee
  • volunteer with ProLearn to lead or co-lead initiatives such as
    • book studies
    • video studies
    • regional events
    • events tailored for specific user groups within our community
    • timely, topic-specific events - e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Esports, Coding and Curriculum, Digital Citizenship
    • other topics as they emerge

We welcome your contributions and are happy to work with you to find out where you can best utilize your talents within our organization!

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