Board and Executive Team

The ATLE association focuses on the three founding pillars of learning, leadership, and technology.  The Board fosters services of value to its members and encourages professional learning opportunities.  Activities are guided by the mission of ATLE: “Supporting education through the convergence of learning, leading, and technology”. 

The ATLE Board and Executive Team collaborate to make this vision to reality by providing opportunities for partners to realize synergies with our mission, growing our ProLearn PLNs together through projects, learning opportunities, meetups and other events.

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Barrett, Bob

Bob Barrett


Scheelar, Barry

Barry Scheelar

Past President

Aleixandre, Ernest

Ernest Aleixandre

Vice President

Cullen, Jeff

Jeff Cullen


Yaremchuk, Jason

Jason Yaremchuk


Walter, Memorese

Memorese Walter

Zone 1 Director

Eddingfield, Travis

Travis Eddingfield

Zone 2 Director

Beazer, Duane

Duane Beazer

Zone 3 Director

Kissel, Kylie

Kylie Kissel

Zone 4 Director



Zone 5 Director

Holt, Regan

Regan Holt

Zone 6 Director


King, Cathy

Cathy King

Executive Director

Dearing, Angela

Angela Dearing

Convergence Conference Chair

Bell, Janet

Janet Bell

Director of Professional Learning and ProLearn Committee Chair