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Virtual Teachers Sharing



Come along and listen to some Virtual Teachers sharing their experiences and sage advice.



  • Jodie @McnallyHomeEc
  • Justin @MrAndersonEDU
  • Keith

Ability to connect with families in their home environments. Teaching to an audience greater than the classroom.

Putting a time limit on when you respond to students "afterschool".

Digital literacy and technology skills are important.

Look at different ways for students to show mastery of their learning.

Asynchronous - replay of recordings and/or working at own pace.

Synchronous - live session.

Be purposeful when using online tools. Teachers design the learning and student can be creative with the tools. Also important to do an instructive session/intentionally teach in using specific tools.

Some tools mentioned: Google Workspace (Docs, Slides, Jamboard), Wakelet

Offline learning - do the learning and then record it to show the mastery.

Double-check to ensure that students can access the information/activity on any device.

Guiding parents to support their children when learning at home.  Also, students still need to put in the time for the reading, writing, learning and demonstrating. Communicate with  your teacher on an ongoing basis. Students need to be motivated for this virtual learning environment.

Be bold! Have structure. Commit to the process.