Professional Learning Plan

ATLE Professional Learning Plan 2023-2024

Each Fall, the ProLearn team reviews its goals from the previous year and scopes out its vision for the year ahead, informed by our annual survey. Below is the draft plan for 2023-24. Click each strategy to learn more.

2023-24 Actions

1.1 Post upcoming ATLE/ProLearn or ATLE partnered events, opportunities, and resources to the ATLE webpage, and Yammer. Ensure that the purpose and learning opportunities are well-stated.

1.2 Contribute information regarding ATLE/ProLearn or ATLE partnered events, opportunities, and resources as required to the monthly ATLE newsletter. 

1.3 Establish an intentional approach to gathering information about needs, challenges, on an ongoing basis etc.  (Surveys, focus groups, committees, central registry of people’s skills, and other possible ways.)

2023-24 Actions

2.1 Support the ATLE Convergence fall conference in Alberta that explores all aspects of educational technology for K-12 and postsecondary. ProLearn will support the Convergence Program Committee in connecting potential presenters with presenter opportunities, in support of each ATLE pillar, thus offering ways for participants to cross-pollinate ideas, solutions and experiences.

2.2 Support the ATLE Emerge Spring Symposium in Edmonton, which offers professional learning and networking opportunities in the area of learning and technology. One of the days or part of a day will be an Unconference format organized by the ProLearn Committee. The other day will be a traditional symposium format organized by an ATLE Board appointed planning committee. 

2.3. Support any ATLE zone representative that would like to organize an event(s) of some type for ATLE members in their zone.

2.4 Create partnerships with the business and education community to offer regional professional development events. If appropriate for the event, allow members outside the geographic region to connect remotely or in-person. 

2.5 Podcast - The ATLE podcast will be re-envisioned to focus strategically on weaving together the strands that shape the ATLE professional learning networks, with the view to creating synergy and interest among our stakeholders. The podcast format might include:

  • Round table conversations on relevant topics
  • Interviews with key stakeholders and past grant winners
  • Information about ATLE activities

2.6 Support the SIS Administrators' conference.

2.7 Support the Administrative Assistants' Symposium and if required, offer small scale sessions organized regionally/held online.

2.8 Offer opportunities for group book studies and/or video studies - meetings would occur over time and online, with the possibility to have an expert to inspire/wrap-up.

2023-24 Actions

3.1 Offer a grant for Alberta K-12 schools/classrooms (one participant must be an ATLE member) with the goal of sharing learning and technology research and innovation.$6000 will be made available for the overall grant out of the ProLearn Committee budget (3 grants for $2000).  

3.2 Share findings of 2023-24 grant with ATLE members.