What's New? December, 2023

New for 2023-2024 - this school year, our PLNs are being custom tailored to best meet identified topic and PL models identified by you on our Professional Learning survey.

Our team is currently contacting those who identified as being interested in leading or co-leading a PLN group. If you are interested in being part of our Robotics PLN, please indicate that on the survey or reach out directly to ProLearn.

We look forward to sharing the Robotics PLN leads and next steps with you in December, 2023!

Robotics in Education

The Robotics in Education PLN meets approximately once every two months to explore opportunities and share experiences supporting the use of robotics/robots in schools to support curricular outcomes.

Moving into its second year, this PLN has begun to provide a great snapshot of what robots school jurisdictions are purchasing these days to support elementary students as teachers begin to envision and then address the Computer Science outcomes in the new Alberta Science curriculum. 

If you would like to join district leaders from urban, rural, and private schools alike to compare notes and make collaborative recommendations, this might be the PLN of choice for you!

Curious to learn more? Complete the ATLE Professional Learning survey to ensure you will be included in emails related to upcoming events and initiatives related to the Robotics in Education PLN. 

The plan is to launch this group for the 2023-2024 school year beginning in December, 2023.

Questions about this group? Email